As a raw material for the manufacture of flooring of any shape. Parquet board is one of the first places among coatings for flooring. The product is an excellent substitute for parquet and its performance is not inferior to it.

Equipment for the production of flooring

For the production of parquet products requires special equipment:
  • sawing machines;
  • gluing press;
  • dryer.

These are the main devices that are necessary for the production of piece stock and other products. All this equipment should be conveniently placed indoors.

If production operations are carried out in other rooms or on the street where primary forest processing will be carried out. Preparatory work can be carried out under a canopy. After you have problems using multi-saw machines.

The main processing of the material is carried out on a four-sided strict and trimming machine. The stripes are smooth, smooth and affordable. The individual elements are glued together with a special press.

Untreated wood enters a storage facility or warehouse where it is carefully inspected for defects. Defective raw materials are not allowed to work together.

Next, the drying process of the selected quality material begins. In special drying chambers, the wood is at high temperature for several months. Here, the heat treatment of raw materials takes place. As a result, the tree is dense, durable and resistant to various types of deformation. After the end of manipulations with wood, they begin to manufacture parquet. Prepared wood has the shape and shape of a regular geometric shape.

The production of the park is based on the work of strict, milling and end-face machines. The polished parquet is varnished and packaged for a wide sale. The manufacture of parquet products is not the most difficult process compared to the production of other types of parquet products, where it is necessary to compress different types of wood among themselves.

Stages of parquet board production

Natural expensive rocks are used for the manufacture of upper layers of plates, and less valuable - for the base and middle layer. Product quality, durability and appearance.

Allocate the main directions of production:
  • Production of the base and middle layer.
  • Preparation of the external coating.
  • Compression of all parts under the influence of high temperature.

First, the wood is laid out by species. Then in special drying chambers. Wood mining.
The material is sawn, giving it the right geometric shapes of the right size. Finished products are used on a milling machine and polished.

Let's start with the outer layer. Distribution of wood into strips and use on a milling machine. All layers are lubricated and act under pressure. The upper part is varnished in several stages.
Technologies that we use Species of wood from which we make parquet